Cannabinoids From Around the World – Sourcing CBD Products from The World’s Trusted Supplier

CBD Bud Online Supplier Map – As a force to reckon with in the CBD industry, has the mandate to ensure its products are of the highest quality standards. We’re a trusted multinational cannabis company across Europe, the US, South America, and many other parts of the world. And to attain this status, we had to undertake a rigorous supplier onboarding process to ensure our clients’ satisfaction is always guaranteed.


With a large number of suppliers for cannabinoids from around the world, it can be difficult to onboard suppliers into your channel. What has done is used carefully laid out plans to choose these suppliers.

Some of the factors we look into when choosing our CBD product suppliers include:

Farming practices

High-grade farming methods lead to top-quality CBD products. We pay great attention to the locations and practices used in the growing of hemp plants while assessing suppliers. The best CBD and hemp products are non-GMO and organically produced. Our suppliers must meet these requirements to trade successfully with us.

CBD extraction methods 

CBD extraction method also matters a lot when choosing our suppliers. We consider a cleaner, safer, and modernized extraction method, which is carbon dioxide extraction. Our brand shuns producers who use chemical extraction methods, which can also affect the CBD product quality.

CBD extract type

While we also source our products locally, we also import CBD products from abroad, putting more consideration into the extract type. We consider broad-spectrum CBD product supplies that are 100% free from THC. On the other hand, the full-spectrum CBD products must have a THC content lower than 0.3%. These are just a few of our criteria for choosing products from different suppliers.


We understand well that the CBD industry doesn’t have standard regulations across the globe. This creates an opportunity for unscrupulous suppliers to use illegal ways to produce and supply their CBD products.

We assess the suppliers of cannabinoids from around the world to ensure that they comply with their local and international regulations while producing their products. This not only protects our interests but also ensures clients receive only the best quality CBD products from

Our Global Suppliers’ Network

To be able to fulfill our growing CBD product demands, we have partnered with a large number of suppliers from across the globe. We have trusted suppliers from the United States, Western Europe, China, and Colombia.